Innovation without Disruption

Change within Regulated utility markets does not have to include Risk 



Change in the technology industry is often proudly heralded by the term ‘Disruption’ the synonyms of which include Interruption, Distraction, Confusion and Disturbance.

Typhons UV LED technology has regularly been described as ‘Disruptive’ – even by me (depending on the audience of course) – because we are looking to take UVC LEDs into a completely new scale of water treatment and to challenge the status quo of, not only the multitude of Mercury lamp UV Systems sold in those sectors today, but also how customers understand the relative performance of those technologies.

But ‘Disruption’ is the kind of thing that sectors such as Water Utilities works hard to avoid – particularly when they hold the ultimate responsibility for public health and the health of our environment in their hands.


Yet at the same time the Regulators such as OFWAT in the UK, and indeed the Water Utilities themselves, recognize the need for Change and Innovation to drive improvements in quality standards and reductions in carbon footprint to meet the climate targets of today and tomorrow.

So how do you deliver positive Change whilst also mitigating its Risks?

Typhons philosophy, as we roll out our innovative UV LED technology, is to bring controlled and well managed evolution to customers and above all to build ‘Trust’ (synonyms including Belief Responsibility Confidence and Care).

Partnerships and open dialogue are key tenants in how we have built our company to date, and in the same way, we intend deliver the inevitable transition to Solid State Mercury Free UV LED Water Treatment.


‘Evolution’ is an important word in the context of UV LED – a technology which, in the coming years, will develop in terms of power, efficiency, cost reduction and lifetime.

The speed of that evolution will be monitored by Haitz Law which has tracked the progress of LED technology since its inception in the 1960s. But the rate of progression is also influenced by the trust placed in it by customers.

Typhons mission is to engage water utilities in partnerships to manage the transition of the water industry to mercury free UV LED. This process will of cause be a continuum, with opportunities multiplying as the technology evolves. But what can be confirmed is that the journey has begun and we encourage all Utilities, and indeed Industrial water users to engage with the process to minimize the potential for disturbance, confusion or disruption

Please reach out to us to understand more about how LED UV will evolve and how your industry sector can benefit as the inexorable UV LED evolution continues, and we work together to Make Mercury History.



Matt Simpson

Dr. Matthew Simpson obtained his PhD from the University of Newcastle, and has more than 15 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering. He co-founded Typhon Treatment Systems in 2014 and is now CEO.

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