In the same way that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun creates a skin cancer risk, artificially generated UV light can be used to protect drinking water from dangerous microscopic organisms.
Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has already begun to disrupt the traditional ultraviolet (UV) Mercury lamp disinfection market and Haitz law continues to predict that LEDs will halve in cost and double in light output every two years. 
Historically UV-LED systems have been limited to low flow, or personal use water treatment products on the market. In contrast, mercury lamp UV technology has been the go-to, dominant force for utility scale treatment systems. Typhon’s USEPA UVDGM validated BIO-310 reactor is transforming market perceptions with the only Municipal scale UV LED system available today, delivering unique benefits such as:
- Mercury Free disinfection, removing the need for glass traps and regulated disposal of waste.
- Instant ON/OFF delivering immediate adjustments to changes in operating conditions.
- Increasing Asset Capacity and Decreasing Maintenance and Operating costs through the systems operating life delivering substantial Whole Life Cost savings
UV LED used by Typhon's technology


A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that was first commercialised more than 50 years ago. Now visible spectrum LEDs are significantly more energy efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lights.

  • The first commercially available UV LEDs that emit the wavelength suitable for use in water disinfection were produced less than 10 years ago
  • Developing a water treatment system using UV LEDs requires superior "optical" efficiency as well as electrical efficiency
  • It is not obvious how an array of UV LEDs would be configured to overcome the optical transmissivity losses (photons absorbed by the water prior to reaching their target) in a large cross-section, high capacity treatment reactor


The founders of Typhon Treatment Systems Ltd. and their associates spent years investigating UVLED optical efficiency and transmissivity issue. The basis of our intellectual property, and in fact, the raison d'être of the Company itself is based on our solution to this problem:

Superior UV LED Solution

Our design solves the known critical UV LED optical efficiency and transmissivity issues.

Mercury Lamp Alternative

Our UV LED based design and technology is a viable alternative to traditional mercury lamp UV water treatment.


Computer simulated, independent laboratory tested, and prototype module tested.


Our unique technology is patented.

Typhon's patented technology represents a unique, low maintenance alternative to traditional mercury lamp UV water treatment. As the output and efficiency of UV LEDs advance, Typhon's technology will render mercury lamp UV water treatment obsolete. Contact us to learn more about how our technology can help you improve efficiency and minimize costs.

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Why Typhon’s UV LED Water Treatment?

An optimally efficient configuration of UV LEDs in a water treatment system. We are the first to offer a Mercury free alternative for UV disinfection.

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